1. The trouble with moving too much.

    Travelling is a wonderful thing. It really is. You become open to new cultures and perhaps understand how the world works a little bit better. That being said, I have seen people who have travelled but who came back just as ignorant as when they left.  

    Having travelled and lived in a few countries (UK, France, Qatar, a bit of US) I seem to have picked up what seems to be a few problems. Let me give an example: It’s really hard to enjoy being in one place because you’re aware that something is happening somewhere else and you constantly have that torn feeling of being here and not there. I mean I spent my summer in LA (LA!) and I was worried about missing out on summer in Europe. Ok when I write it down I sound like an asshole…

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  2. Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA.

    By nathaliebillard 


  3. Starting a blog sucks.

    Considering it’s end of 2013, I am extremely late on the blog train. Now that I am attempting (deleting, reattempting, re-deleting, posting a photo, deleting a photo, posting a link, deleting a link) to get a blog going, I’m realising why I have never gotten one started. It brings all my insecurities out and I’m not enjoying it (because blogging is enjoyable I was told). After looking at many fashion blogs, design blogs, music blogs, friends blogs and reading all about “how to start a blog”, “15 reasons why you should start a blog”, “Start a successful blog today” and so on, oh yes, and one temper tantrum later, I’ve thought: Fuck it. So here it is. My. First. Ever. Blog. Entry (and I’m not deleting it this time)… 

    Oh, I guess that wasn’t so hard after all.